Review: Burnside Brewing, Portland OR

Memorial Day (Monday), May 25th we ended up at Burnside Brewing for a late lunch. The location is along the north side of east Burnside Blvd in Portland Oregon next to a lot of newly renovated buildings, shops, boutiques, strip bars, and restaurants. It has outdoor seating (as you can see from the pictures) that is open year round in their front parking lot. Which I must say, I have always been able to find a spot in every time we’ve gone, must be my awesome parking karma at work. Overall, this is a well established brewery with a full menu for lunch and dinner. The beer list includes a large variety of seasonal drafts and they do offer a bit of swag and 22oz. bottles for sale to go. You can do growler fills there as well.

The bar/restaurant is on the left side of the building, and the brewery to the right. I haven’t been into the brewery side, so I can’t speak to their production and size. I have been to the bar/restaurant a number of times, sitting both inside and outside, and can attest to the fact that they know what they are doing with their food menus and beers. This time around, we decided to do the full review and sampled all 14 available beers (see below). We sat at the bar and ordered some food and the samplers which came pretty quickly. We had our choice of tables as well, but picked to sit at the bar as it was slightly cooler there.

The best part about the visit this time around was that the bar/restaurant was that it was pretty empty, not loud, and the servers were super attentive to our needs and wanted to make sure that I got all the samples I needed. We did end up drinking a couple of beers after we ate and hung out for a little bit. Overall this is a great establishment that I can highly recommend if you’re on the East side of PDX looking for something to eat or drink. My favorite beers sampled were the Fifth Element, Silence of the Lambs, and the Too Sticky to Roll.

Burnside Brewing Co.
701 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214
Brewery: 503-208-3476
Pub: 503-946-8151

Burnside IPA
Burnside Brewing Co. • IPA • IBU: 85 • ABV: 6.5% • 9 SRM
Hops: Galena, Cascade, Meridian. Dry hopped with Amarillo.
The draft has orange/yellow hues and a softer white head that lingered on the rim, leaving a nice complex lacing. The nose is a lot of complex floral and pine hops that retain a bit of citrus and caramel malts. The front mouth is pretty mellow with softer grassy hops, lots of rounded malt/grains to hold it together. Mid to back end are solid, with a little bit of lingering pine esters.
Oatmeal Pale Ale
Burnside Brewing Co. • American Pale Ale (APA) • IBU: 44 • ABV: 5.5% • 8 SRM
Opaic yellow/golden orange with a one finger white head that dropped quickly. The nose has aromas mix of dry cracker grains, slight wet-hop pine esters, and lingering citrus. The front mouth is a little bit chewy from the malt build, with a lot of pine and citrus hops to balance it out with hints of spice (nutmeg?). Body is effervescent with plenty of carbonation. Ends with a little bit of hop bitters, really session-able.
Project Ale
Burnside Brewing Co. • Imperial IPA • IBU: 99 • ABV: 8.3% • 8 SRM
This draft has a orange/yellow hue and pillowy white head that lingers a film on the rim. The nose is lemon zest to grapefruit/citrus rind, slight sweet malts, and a dry character. The front mouth is a little bit dry with the sharper grapefruit hops, pine and dried hop oils are expressed. The mid and back mouth-feel are solid with a lot of malts and lingering hop esters. It hides the ABV well.
Too Sticky To Roll
Burnside Brewing Co. • India Red Ale • IBU: 78 • ABV: 6.2% • 20 SRM
Slight red/copper hue, softer off-white head that drops quickly and left little lacing on the rim. The nose has a bit of gritty grains, earthy pines and dried leaves. The front/mid mouth are pretty solid, lots of caramel malt and hop balanced, but a little muddled as it goes to the back mouth. The after taste has a bit of sharp hops with citrus, pine and grass.
Couch Select Lager
Burnside Brewing Co. • Dortmunder/Helles • IBU: 18.5 • ABV: 5% • 2 SRM
Hops: German Tettnang
Bright yellow clear hue with a solid white foamy head. The nose is grassy, thin hops, lemony and backed by yeasty esters. The front and mid mouth are bright citrus, sharper grassy/pine hops, a slight yeast back end. The mouth-feel is solid, the mid and back have a bit of chewy character to them, leaving a little bit of chalky haze. There is some medicinal qualities to the sharp notes.
Sweet Heat
Burnside Brewing Co. • Fruit/Vegetable Beer • IBU: 9 • ABV: 4.9% • 4 SRM
Note: Brewed with 200 pounds of Apricot puree, then dry hopped with imported Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers.
This draft is a hazy tangerine hue of orange/yellow, the head does linger a little bit then drops completely, leaving a bit of lacing on the rim. The nose is sweet, softer yeast like esters, subtle pepper oils. There is a sharp heat that presents on the front with the initial sip, but then drops to a nice rounded sweet fruit bodied draft. This is a medium bodied beer that has a decent amount of carbonation and malts to help the flavors dance on the tongue.
Burnside Brewing Co. • Winter Warmer • IBU: 77 • ABV: 8.3% • 16 SRM
Malts: Meridian, Amarillo
Hazy and slight amber/orange hue, head is slightly off-white and solid leaving a lot of lacing on the rim. The nose is really malt forward with a range of dark dried fruit expressing with a sweetness that is a bit fuzzy. Dried cherries and rasins are on the front with a little bit of dried bitter sweet chocolates. Mid and back are caramel malts, biscuts, dried nuts (oils), hops are pine and citrus rind. The mouth-feel is solid bodied, with a slight dry finish.
Hot Chocolate Stout
Burnside Brewing Co. • Chile Beer • IBU: 40 • ABV: 6.4% • 40+ SRM
The dark brown beer has a thinner, slight off-white head that left a nice lacing on the rim. The nose shows a bit of bittersweet cocoa powder, slight coffee/bitters, chilies are secondary and on the back. The front mouth is pretty chocolate forward, tons of malts and caramel, slight vegital vibe from the chilies, and almost a ‘day old coffee’ like dry bitter as it goes to the mid/back. The heat shows up really as a secondary note, with the flavor of the chilies present all around. The mouth-feel is solid and flavorful, but a little thin on the carbonation for a stout for me.
2013 Whiteout Barley Wine
Burnside Brewing Co. • Barley wine • IBU: 55 • ABV: 10% • 25 SRM
Note: Port barrel aged
Dark amber/orange hue, solid white head that dropped and left some nice lacing. The nose is sweet, orange peel, citrus rinds, and soft bitters. The front mouth is pretty alcohol/boozey forward with sweet sugars, caramel. The port (grapes) and dried fruit shine on the mid/back. Few bitters if any. The body has a lot of malt characters to it, from toffee/cookies to bread.
Silence Of The Lambs Dry Irish Stout (Nitro)
Burnside Brewing Co. • Irish Stout • IBU: 20 • ABV: 5% • 40+ SRM
Note: Brewed with charred goat hearts!!!! that is no joke…
Super dark brown/black with a two finger tan head that lingers. The nose is dry and bitter from the roasted malts. The front is a little sharp, thin, creamy and has tons of roasted character. The hop/bitters do show on the mid/back, and are really secondary to the malt profile. I am not sure about the goat heart thing, this is a pretty decent example of a Irish Stout, clean finishing, not heavy, dry on the back.
Blueberry Mint Saison
Burnside Brewing Co. • Saison / Farmhouse Ale • IBU: 21 • ABV: 6.9% • (rose colored)?? SRM
This cloudy rose colored saison has a full white frothy head and a sweet, fruity nose. The yeast characters don’t really show up until the mid/back, and even then they are pretty secondary to the fruit forward characters of this saison. The mint flavors do show up on the mid/back as well, with a full mouth-feel and almost chewy finish. There are little to no bitters present at all. Gary says it tastes like bad lemon aid.
Skyline Extra Pale Ale
Burnside Brewing Co. • Pale Ale • IBU: 38 • ABV: 4.8% • 10 SRM
Hops: Horizon, Amarillo
Malts: Caramel, Honey
Slight orange/copper hue, bright white head, nice lacing on this session ale. The nose has a lot of grassy and orange rind present. The front and mid mouth are pretty sharp with the citrus and back end malts that help balance it out. The mid/back are pretty thin, with a leafy dry finish to the hop profile.
Highbury Strong Bitter
Burnside Brewing Co. • Extra Special / Strong Bitter • IBU: 37 • ABV: 5.8% • 18 SRM
This is a mid-orange, slight amber hue draft with a solid white head that dropped quickly, leaving little lacing. The nose has a mix of grassy hops (vegital), slight citrus pith and a stronger bread/malt end. The mouth-feel is full bodied, but the carbonation is a bit lacking for the style. The sugars are present on the front to the back, solid malt profile (biscuit to earthy like) but there are few hops present which is disappointing. The back is a little flat.

The Fifth Element
Burnside Brewing Co. • India Cream Ale • IBU: 45 • ABV: 90% • 12 SRM
The nose on this mid-orange hued beer has subtle sweetness with peaches (fruit) and some grain. The front mouth is a little grassy from the hops, fruit and grain’s expressed with a creamy mid/back approach. The vanilla comes in on the back.
Burnside Brewing Co. • Smoked Beer • IBU: 18 • ABV: 6% • 20 SRM
NOTE: Collaboration beer with Three Creeks Brewing in Sisters, Oregon.
This beer had a really shallow head that drops quickly, color profile is a darker orange/red hue. The nose has hints of caramel and dried fruit (cherries). The front and mid mouth are full of the malts with touches of smoke. The dried fruit and thin hop profile come in on the back.

Review: Doomsday Brewing, Washougal WA

On Saturday April 11th, Doomsday Brewing was the last of three breweries visited in SW Washington. I’ve only been to Doomsday brewing one time prior, and that was to their “Zombeer Halloween” costume party that happened last year (2014). It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of compliments on my ZombEaster Bunny costume. The location is in an industrial building with limited signage (as you can see in the picture, and that’s Ryan, my drinking buddy for the day)…you need to use your nav to get there if you don’t know where it is. The inside has a small bar to sit at and a few tables. The day we went, it wasn’t busy, so we were able to order and get our beers pretty quickly.

They do offer food on site, but we didn’t order anything so I can’t really speak to the menu or quality. They do have popcorn and other types of snacks if you are wanting something simple and cheap to nibble on while you drink. The bartender was super friendly and wanted to help us with our exploring of their beers. He explained them the best he could and we really appreciated. As this brewery is somewhat off the beaten path, it caters to mostly locals, and the other people there were obviously regulars and were happy to provide their opinions of the beers as the bartender explained them to us.

The beers came in a couple of rounds of four as shown below. We were lucky and the bartender provided us with a sample of the Cascadia Falls CDA which they had just tapped. So super lucky for us and the other patrons in the bar. Overall, the range of beers is pretty decent, there are a few misses, but that’s to be expected when you experiment and push the envelope with beer. The Cascadia Fault CDA and the Hop Lemon ISA were the most interesting beers we tried that day. So if you’re in Washougal and need to stop for a beer and friendly conversation, definately check them out.

Doomsday Brewing Co.
421 C St.
Unit 1B
Washougal, WA 98671
Ph: 360-335-9909

Nuclear IPA
Doomsday Brewing • NW IPA • IBU: 90 • ABV: 7% • 12 SRM
Hops: Cascade, Summit, and Chinook. Columbus dry hopped
More orange than yellow hue, white small bubbly head that drops quickly, nose is a bit sharp with grassy/herbal hop notes. The front mouth-feel shifts between the malt build that lends to a mild-soapy/chewy approach with the dry hopping being really present with grassy, herbal, and slightly dry-citrus hop notes. Really complex and slightly sweet IPA with a dry finish.
Agent Orange IPA
Doomsday Brewing • IPA • IBU: 60 • ABV: 5.6% • 10 SRM
Hops: Simcoe, Citra
Draft is bright orange hue with a small bubbly white head. The nose is dry and bitter from floral and citrus rind. The front mouth-feel is pretty sharp with the citrus bitters (dry-hopped approach), and slightly sweet with enough malts to balance it out. The overall appeal is the orange peel/rind hop citrus and steady full body vibe.
Come At Me Bro! IIPA
Doomsday Brewing • Imperial / Double IPA • IBU: 120 • ABV: 9% • 10 SRM
Hops: Summit, Cluster, and Simcoe
Slight orange/yellow clear hue on this draft. White foamy head that drops quickly. The nose is subtle citrus and floral hops. The front and mid mouth-feel is a little sharp with the floral and orange/citrus hops. Mid mouth-feel has a bit of ‘dry grain’ malts that come through that helps balance it out. The back and after taste has some lingering citrus rind bitters.
Redemption Red
Doomsday Brewing • American Amber / Red Ale • IBU: 40 • ABV: 6.5% • 20 SRM
This draft is a dark amber color with a solid white head that lingers on the rim. The nose is really malty/bready with a sweet grain profile. The front/mid mouth-feel is a bit thin but sweet with plenty of malts that are balanced with a slight dry hopped finish. The hops present with resins and a thinner-dry hopped presentation.
Undead Chihuahua Golden
Doomsday Brewing • Golden Ale • IBU: 30 • ABV: 4.5% • 8 SRM
A clear, slight orange/yellow hue with a nice white, foamy head. The nose is misleading with slight sweet sugary malt note with subtle yeasty funk. Grassy and floral hops are present on the front to back mouth-feel. The lager mouth-feel is slightly skunky and thin.
Ender Vanilla Porter
Doomsday Brewing • Porter • IBU: 35 • ABV: 6.5% • 40+ SRM
Note: Secondary fermented with vanilla beans
This is a solid opaic black/brown draft with an off-white head that drops and leaves little lacing. The nose is burned grains and slight bitters. The vanilla and cocoa present on the front and mid with this full bodied beer. It does have a slight dry/bitter finish on the back with the burned bread-like flavors.
Beatdown Beet Wheat
Doomsday Brewing • Wheat Ale • IBU: 35 • ABV: 5% • ?? SRM
Solid white head, 50% opacity solid red hue with a sweet, sugary nose. There is a harsh vegital-hop and flavor front mouth with subtle coriander and other sharp spices. The mid/back mouth is really sharp and almost ‘hot’ in it’s presence. This is an experimental beer, so you have been warned.
Hop Lemon ISA
Doomsday Brewing • IPA • IBU: 65 • ABV: 4.5% • 3 SRM
Straw yellow and hazy colored with a solid white head. There is a bit of yeast on the nose with some tart lemon present. The citrus and lemons are really present on the front and mid mouth-feel and the mid/back is a bit sharper and dry. The back is a bit ‘rotted fruit’ or ‘wet sock’ in approach, so you have been warned. “Like a shandy without the sweetness…”
Cascadia Fault CDA
Doomsday Brewing • Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale • IBU: 65 • ABV: 6.2% • 40+ SRM
The draft if solid black/brown and the head is not present. The nose has a bit of toasted grains and bread, the bitters are really secondary on the nose, and the front and mid mouth-feel do have a bit of hop resin and pine character. The chewy body holds it together.
Black Out Chocolate Imperial Stout (nitro)
Doomsday Brewing • Imperial Stout • IBU: ?? • ABV: 8% • 40+ SRM
Super dark brown/black hue draft. The off-white two finger head dropped pretty quickly and the nose was all coffee bitters. I’m not a coffee fan, so it was a bit challenging for me to enjoy this beer as it tasted more of bitter espresso than anything else. The mid and after taste have a lingering coffee profile that tastes like old coffee grounds.

Review: Anmesia Brewing, Washougal WA

Back on Saturday April 11th, I visited three breweries in SW Washington, Amnesia Brewing was the second stop. I have been a fan of Amnesia beers for a number of years and used to go to their North Portland (Mississippi Ave.) location prior to their moving to their current location in Washougal WA. I’ve heard a number of stories as to why they moved, primarily to be closer to their home and family seems to be the most frequently heard. Regardless of the reasons, they have refined their beers and have expanded their menu of food available since they opened in Washougal and it’s definitely making the trip out to visit them.

The brewery is located in downtown Washougal and has plenty of on-street parking. I really do appreciate the fact that it’s a ‘bar’, so no CRIpods are around when you go. They do have a couple of TV’s that typically show sports, so if you need a place to hang out and watch a game, this is definitely an option. We didn’t order any food, so we can’t really speak to that, but it looked like everyone that had ordered food was enjoying it. As you can see from the pictures inside, they have a bar you can sit at, as well as plenty of tables available.

They offer free samples of all of their beers as well as tasters of them. We ordered the full lineup and the bartender provided us the beers in a couple of sets. The reviews below go from left to right, back to front. They have about six standard beers that are usually available, and that day they had 6 seasonal beers available to try as well. The overall take away from this visit is that they have really refined their recipes and none of the beers we tried were bad. The best one’s we tried (for me) were the Crystal Red, Dusty Trail Pale, and Azacca Kahn Imperial Red (seasonal). It should be noted that they do offer a lot of swag at the bar (as you can see in the pic), as well as growler fills and canned beers available to take home.

Amnesia Brewing
1834 Main St.
Washougal, WA 98671
Ph: 360-335-1008

Cumulus Pale
Amnesia Brewing • Spring Seasonal Pale Ale • IBU: 30 • ABV: 5.4% • 6 SRM
This clear golden pale had a strong grassy nose with slight sweet notes. The yeast is subtle but present on the front and mid, the hop profiles (citrus rind to fruity) are layered and change as you sip and the beer warms up. The back end is rounded with enough grains to hold it’s own. No lingering bitters.
Dusty Trail Pale Ale
Amnesia Brewing • Single Malt/Hop Pale Ale • IBU: 40 • ABV: 5.2% • 5 SRM
Malts: Maris Otter
Hops: Cascade
This is a solid clear bright yellow hue draft with a bright white foamy head. The nose is grassy and piny forward. The front and mid mouth have a little bit of yeast, piny and grassy hops, and the mid/back hops express a bit of tropical/floral notes.
Amnesia Brewing • English style IPA • IBU: 55 • ABV: 6.2% • 20 SRM
This slightly hazy amber colored draft has a solid white, foamy head that leaves nice lacing and bubbles on the rim. The nose is definitely floral and grapefruit with the front expressing lots of citrus and floral hops. The malts do help this be a solid bodied beer and the hops grow on the mid/back, expressing somewhat hop resins and dry bitters on the back.
Amnesia Brewing • NW IPA • IBU: 70 • ABV: 6.7% • 18 SRM
Slightly orange/amber slightly hazy draft with a two finger foamy white head that dropped quickly. The nose is full of grapefruit/citrus rind and a touch of slight herbal notes. The front and mid mouth-feel has a little sweet caramel to balance out the strong grapefruit and tropical (orange?) hop profiles. This is a really full bodied and complex beer with many layers of flavors. The back end is slightly dry with grapefruit rind bitters that linger.
Crystal Red
Amnesia Brewing • Red Pale Ale • IBU: 40 • ABV: 6% • 25 SRM
This amber/red colored draft has a nice white head that lingers and leaves nice lacing on the glass. The nose is sweet and malty with a little bit of citrus hops present. The front mouth is solid malt and slightly dried grains, fruit (berries), and caramel. The slight piny bitters do present on the mid/back in a really nice way, supporting the malt build.
Slow Train Porter
Amnesia Brewing • English Porter • IBU: 40 • ABV: 5.3% • 40+ SRM
Dark brown/red hues and a slight off-white small-bubbly head on this really solid porter. The nose has a lot of sweet and toasted grains with slight bitter-sweet chocolate and espresso. The front and mid mouth is solid, bready, full of roasted grain flavors and cocao/coffee bitters. The subtle bitter-sweet mid/back mouth is nice and this is a pretty standard English Porter in approach and style.
Frosty’s Revenge
Amnesia Brewing • Strong Winter Ale • IBU: 60 • ABV: 8% • 20 SRM
Red/amber slightly cloudy draft with an off-white small bubbly head. The nose is sweet, caramel and dried fruit and subtle spices. The front mouth has a little bit of sweet/yeasty character and lots and lots of malts that bring along the dried fruit and slight yeast. The back end has an alcohol warmth with the chewy body. You know you are drinking a strong beer with this one.
Azacca Kahn
Amnesia Brewing • Imperial Red Ale • IBU: ?? • ABV: 7.6% • 25 SRM
This is a hazy amber/red draft with a solid white head that leaves a lot of clingy foam on the rim. The nose is sweet caramel and grainy with a little yeast funk. The front mouth is really malt and grainy forward. The biscuit mid mouth-feel is really chewy and the sugary/citrus like sweetness lingers a bit on the back.
Amnesia Brewing • Barrel Aged Pale Ale• IBU: ?? • ABV: 7.2% • 35 SRM
Dark brown/amber red hazy hue. Slight off-white head that falls quickly. The nose is burned sugars and malts. There is a lot of dried fruit (raisins) and drier cacao bitters on the mid/back. The back and linger burned flavors are like a tootsie roll, sweet, burned sugar and a solid malt body.
10th Anniversary Barleywine (2014)
Amnesia Brewing • Barleywine• IBU: 8 • ABV: 10.2% • 28 SRM
Aged: Red Zin and Bourbon Barrels
Darker amber/hazy hues with a slight off-white head that drops quickly. The nose is super sweet with dried fruit and grapes (wine) and subtle tannin’s. The body is really alcohol forward with mashed cherries, port, hints of vanilla and bourbon. The grain build is secondary to the fruit and barrel qualities. The back is somewhat dry with a little bit of tannin’s and fortified wine like feel. The after has a bit of sweetness, no hops at all and the flavors do drop off quickly.

Review: Mill City Brew Werks, Camas WA

On Saturday April 11th, I visited three breweries in the Camas/Washougal area of SW Washington to do some tasting and reviewing that afternoon with my friend Ryan. We started at the Mill City Brew Werks in Camas for lunch and to try their beers as neither of us had been there before. Camas is small river-town that has a lot of history, and this brewery reflects this in attitude and feel. We were fortunate to sit at the bar and discuss some of the beers with the owner/brewer, Mark Zech, who was super friendly and wanted to hear our honest opinions (see below).

The restaurant is located on the corner of the downtown main street (quaint with lots of small shops). They have a dining room and bar area on one side, so there is no escaping kids if you want to drink in peace. You have been warned. The brewing production is in the basement of the building and they have a hole/square by the main entrance that you can look down onto one of their kettles. The menu is pretty standard brewery/restaurant fare, with a few daily specials.

I ordered tasters of everything and some food while I waited for Ryan to show up. The bartender was super friendly and explained the beers to me when she served the first taster tray of four beers. The food didn’t take long to come out, so I did eat a bit between the 1st and 2nd set of beers that we sampled. Overall, the food was decent and the variety of beers was decent. If I’m ever out and about on this end of Clark County, I certainly would consider going back and trying them again.

The tasters were served in sets of four as you can see. The first batch I had were the darker beers, which sort of was my own fault for not specifying what order I wanted them in. Usually you would wait to do these till the end, but oh well, it is what it is. Both Ryan and myself enjoyed the beers, but in all honesty, they seemed a bit one dimensional in approach. The darker beers were thinner with sharper burned notes, and the IPA’s had a similar hop profile. This isn’t necessarily bad, but with the variety in styles, I’d hope that they would stretch the flavors a bit more.

After we finished the samples, the owner did take us downstairs to show us the production facility. I’m sorry I didn’t get any pics of this. He seemed really nice and willing to talk about his beers and experiences learning from his family and relatives that brew beer in Germany. Our reviews of the beers go from left pic to right, and each has the labels visible of the samples as you can see. The best beer for me was the ‘split pea’, a blend of the Log Splitter and Pale Ale and the Zech Hefe had a lot of authentic Bavarian traits. Overall we would definitely go back if in the neighborhood.

Mill City Brew Werks
339 NE Cedar St.
Camas, WA 98607
Ph: (360) 210-4761

Fromudder (Nitro)
Mill City Brew Werks • Milk Stout • IBU: 26 • ABV: 5.1% • 40+ SRM
This stout has a 2 finger tan head that drops quickly. The nose is cocoa nibs and sharper bitters. The front mouth has a slight hop bitter balanced with a toasted malt finish. There is a bit of coffee flavors present on the mid and back. It has a full mouth feel and solid body typical of milk stouts.
Mill City Brew Werks • Russian Imperial Stout • IBU: 40 • ABV: 12.5% • 40+ SRM
This dark black stout has a thinner tan head that falls quickly, a slighter sweeter and roasted profile on the nose. The front/mid mouth is a lot of roasted caramel malts, slightly sharper edge of burnt grain notes and hop resins. Mouthfeel is solid with no linger after taste.
German Smoked Dark Ale
Mill City Brew Werks • Rauch • IBU: 24 • ABV: 5.4% • 32 SRM
Dark brown draft of Rauch “smoke” style beer, slight off-white/tan head that drops quickly. Nose is sweet and malty with hints of the smoke. The mouth-feel is thinner than what most dark beers in the US have, this is typical of a Schwarzbier from Germany more than a Rauch. Bready yeast on the mid/back mouth and the smoke is present throughout, but not overpowering to the draft. There is a slight off-note on the mid/back with the grains, perhaps acidic nature.
Red Beard
Mill City Brew Werks • IRA • IBU: 62 • ABV: 7% • 13 SRM
Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo
This is a clean IRA with a nice reddish hue on the draft and a slightly off-white head that falls quickly. The nose is sweet with a bit of caramel and subtle hops florals. The malts are really present from front to back and the hops balance these well. The body is full and this is one of their better beers overall. Nothing stands out good or bad, but it does hold it’s own for an IRA with the hop and malt balanced really well.
Zech Bavarian Hefe
Mill City Brew Werks • Hefeweizen • IBU: 11 • ABV: 5.5% • 5 SRM
This is a slightly cloudy draft with a solid frothy white head. The nose expresses the yeast, banana and clove with a solidy body. The front to back mouth has banana’s and clove with the yeast being somewhat secondary. This is a pretty authentic Bavarian style hefe that doesn’t disappoint.
P St. Pale Ale
Mill City Brew Werks • Pale Ale • IBU: 37 • ABV: 5.2% • 5 SRM
Hops: Citra
Nice orange hue and bright white foamy head with a subtle sharp floral hop nose. The front mouth has a bit of floral and sharper hop resin/esters. The mid is pretty solid bitterness and the back has lingering “danky cat pee” as the brewer stated. Either you love it or hate it. While the hops do overpower this beer, if they tried to use a slightly more solid grain build, the citra hop sharp profile would settle down.
Slacker Session Ale
Mill City Brew Werks • American IPA • IBU: 60 • ABV: 4.1% • 4 SRM
Nice orange hue and white head that lingers slightly on the rim. The nose is a little bit grassy and tropical/citrus hop. The front/mid mouth feel is a little thinner with a clean slight dry finish. The hop profile does linger on the back and after taste. There isn’t a lot of grains present to balance out this IPA.
Fresh Hop Pale Wheat Ale
Mill City Brew Werks • WPA • IBU: 55 • ABV: 5.2% • 4 SRM
Hops: Galina
This is a nice orange/yellow hue and clingy white foamy head. The nose has a bit of ‘green hop’ bitters present with slight wheat/yeast notes. The front and mid mouth are solid that leaves you with a slight dry finish. The fresh hop ‘green/grassy’ flavors do express themselves from front to back and this isn’t a bad thing for a fresh hopped wheat grain beer.
Alpha IPA
Mill City Brew Werks • IPA • IBU: 88 • ABV: 7.1% • 8 SRM
Hops: Simcoe (late edition)
Slightly off-white head on this reddish-orange hue draft. The nose has a bit of hop citrus/grapefruit bitterness and hints of acidity. The front to mid mouth has a lot of citrus/grapefruit bitters, slight grassy/funk on the mid/back. The after taste isn’t the most appealing and the over-powering hops do linger on the mouth.
Log Splitter
Mill City Brew Werks • Imperial IPA • IBU: 100+ • ABV: 10% • 18 SRM
This IPA is made with 7 different hops. The draft has a nice reddish hue with a slightly off-white foamy head that clings to the rim, leaving a nice lacing. The nose is a mix of different hops from tropical, citrus to earthy and slight acidic. There is a subtle sweetness from the higher ABV and balance of malts/grains that do provide enough body to help make this a good imperial IPA. The back and after taste have a bit of citrus hops with a little bit of yeast showing through.
Baby Face Nelson
Mill City Brew Werks • Session IPA • IBU: 77 • ABV: 3.9% • 6 SRM
This draft has a nice orange hue and white head that drops quickly, leaving only larger bubbles on the rim. The nose has a bit of floral and slight hop resin notes. The front mouth is a little thin with the hops really expressing a bright tropical to grapefruit citrus note. The grain build is pretty much absent from this beer, with the hops really overpowering everything.
Ace Honey Apple Cider
California Cider Company (guest tap) • Cider • ABV: 5% • 2 SRM
This was their rotating cider tap, with a clear bright yellow hue and sweet/fruit nose. The mouth-feel is sweeter with a lot of sugar/honey present.

Review: 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Portland OR

On the early evening of April 7, 2015, we ventured into downtown Portland to visit this recently opened brewpub by 10 Barrel Brewing. This location was well in the works before they sold to Anheuser-Busch InBev, so we had to at least give it one try before passing judgement. Neither of us had been to any of the other 10 Barrel locations so it was a clean slate to start with when we arrived. As you can see, it’s quite a large space with many tables and large self-seating area around the bar side. The production tanks are behind the main seating area, and the beer list is on a gigantic chalk board above the west wall in the bar area. The only compliant was the amount of noise that was generated once the bar became full. It was hard to hear the bartender when we tried to order, but that’s typical of most bars in large open spaces.

The bar wasn’t too busy when we got there during early happy hour, so we bellied up to the long wooden bar and were served immediately with an interest in what we liked in beer by the bartender. It’s great that their staff are knowledgeable and willing to help you decide what to order off of the food menu and beer list. Samples are free of any beers, and their taster tray only comes in 10 pre-selected beers from their list. This includes most of their standard (distributed) year-round beers and a few one-off’s and specialty brews. We decided to do the 10 taster tray, and then sample/drink what we wanted to outside of that. With almost 24 beers available, tasting them all is challenging, even for a beer lover like me.

We decided to order some of their pub food (burger and nachos), both of which were decent. The nachos (Gorgonzola, bacon & steak) were pretty hot (way too many jalapenos) and I got them with 1/2 fries and 1/2 house made chips. The chips were so good, that I’d get an order of alone next time. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive once we ordered, the pizza’s that people were getting around us looked pretty appealing as well.

The taster was poured really quickly as well, and we tried some tasters and ordered a few one-off beers at the end. I’ve posted pictures of the single beers ordered and the taster trays and samples below (right to left on the main taster tray). Overall the quality of beer is outstanding, the variety and styles are pretty spot on and the opportunity to try some barrel aged standards is well worth the trip if you like that sort of thing. The most memorable of the beers we tried that night were the Juniper Session CDA on Nitro (last one below), and the Pebbles Belgian IPA from the taster tray. So, ultimately we would go back if we were downtown and needing a bite to eat, but it’s hard to swallow that our money would be going to InBev in doing such.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.
1411 NW Flanders St
Portland, Oregon
Ph: (541) 585-1007

Golden Blonde Ale
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • American Blonde Ale • IBU: 22 • ABV: 5% • 4 SRM
Clean liter yellow hue, white head dropped quickly and soft, semi-sweet nose. The body is thin, the hops are somewhat on the mid and back that fade quickly. A session-able ale for sure without being too memorable.
Apocalypse IPA
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • American IPA • IBU: 70 • ABV: 6.8% • 5 SRM
Brighter yellow clear hue colored IPA with a white head that leaves nice lacing on the rim and a subtle hop (floral) nose. The front mouth on this is sharper with fruit/citrus and floral hop flavor profiles. The mid and back stay bitter with a more grassy hop expressed.
Bam Bam
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • Belgian Stout • IBU: 40 • ABV: 7.3% • 40+ SRM
This stout is dark brown/black, slightly off-white/tan head and a slightly yeasty and espresso nose. The front mouth has a sharp bitter roasted coffee flavor profile with a distinct Belgian yeast character that is secondary to the malts and hops. Interesting if you like coffee, not so much if you don’t.
S1nist0r Black Ale
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • Schwarzbier • IBU: 28 • ABV: 5.4% • 35 SRM
This black ale has a slightly off-white/tan head that drops quickly. The nose is subtle grassy bitters rounded with roasted malts. The front and mid mouth feel of a thinner ale almost a kolsh in approach with some yeast present. The cocoa and coffee mix well with this lighter bodied beer that acts like no other.
Easy Black IPA (Black Session IPA)
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • American Black Ale • IBU: 65 • ABV: 5.1% • 40+ SRM
Another black ale, this time with a stronger bitter nose and same tan (small bubble) head. The body is a bit thicker than the other black ales they make. The front mouth has a bit of bitters from the hops, and the roasted grain build balances out the mid and back. There is subtle lingering hop florals on the after taste. A really sessonable IPA.
German Sparkle Party
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • Berliner Weissbier • IBU: 14 • ABV: 5% • 4 SRM
Delicate golden pale color with a nice frothy white lacing head. The nose is somewhat tart lemon in character, with a slight yeast funk present. The front mouth is somewhat puckering full body of lemons and grape like acidity. The yeast notes do follow through to the end, and the bready mid/back does help balance out the body. Super dry finishing with the lingering tart bitterness.
Apricot Crush
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • Berliner Weissbier • IBU: 4 • ABV: 5% • 6+ SRM
Hazy golden pour with a bright white head that lingered on the rim. The nose is really somewhat sour with lemon zest and apricots with a slight yeasty/grassy note. The front mouth is pretty sour and then balanced with a slight sweet note and lingering tartness that runs from lactic dry finishing to fresh hop resins to help bring it around.
Pebbles Belgian IPA
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • Belgian IPA • IBU: 70 • ABV: 7.3% • 8+ SRM
Hops: Alpha, Noble
This lighter orange colored draft has a small white head that dropped quickly leaving no lacing on the rim. The nose is mix of slight hop bitters and Belgian yeast funk. The front mouth is somewhat tropical and and citrus hop forward with a nice malt balance to help keep this in bounds. One person may think “dirty rocks”, someone else may think “best IPA I’ve had in a while”, it’s yeast notes do express with a bit of acidic funk, so you will either love or hate it.
Throw Back Oatmeal Stout (Nitro)
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • Stout • IBU: 22 • ABV: 4.8% • 40+ SRM
This solid black/brown draft has a nice two finger, tan head that leaves nice lacing on the rim. The nose is pronounced toasted grains without much bitterness to it. The front and mid mouth express the solid body grain build that has bread-chewy quality with dry oats and a creamy like rounded back. This is a truly exceptional stout with no chocolate or coffee to be found.
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • American IPA • IBU: 70 • ABV: 6.9% • 4 SRM
Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosaic
Really nice clear, bright yellow hue, white solid head and a slightly sharp pine nose. The front of this is pretty solid with hops, floral, tropical and some pine/resins going on. The malt build/balance helps keep the hops from overpowering and being the focus. The hops do fade a little bit on the mid/back and there is no lingering bitterness.
Juniper Session CDA (NITRO)
10 Barrel Brewing Co. • CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) • IBU: 57 • ABV: 5% • 40+ SRM
Slightly red-hue to this brown CDA. The head is slightly off-white and pillowy. The nose is acidic with juniper and pine with a subtle sweet/sticky note with it. The front of this is pretty sharp bitters with a smooth nitro-rounded approach. There is a bit of bread like quality to the body, sweet and savory like on the back. The juniper and pine hop characters show up from the front to the back. The toasted grain balance keeps it from being too one dimensional.

Review: Pelican Brewing Co., Pacific City Oregon

On April 5th 2015, Easter Sunday, some friends of mine decided to head out to the Oregon coast and this was one of the many stops we made along the way. The Pelican Pub & Brewery is located at Pacific City, next to Cape Kiwanda state park literally on the beach (as you can see from the pictures). While this is a great location, it’s a little bit off of the beaten path (15 min off of HW 101) and you should use your nav to get there or risk taking a wrong turn. We were really thrilled when we got there for lunch and it wasn’t terribly busy inside (no wait) and we got sat immediately. By the time we left (about 1pm) it was packed with a 45min wait.

The entrance has a lot of swag of the brewery available (inc. 22oz. bottles), the main dining room has the bar on the south side and wall to wall windows that look out onto the beach and ocean. There are additional side rooms for the overflow. We ordered a few appetizers and a variety of lunch items (burger, fish & chips, etc.) and everything came out super quickly, and was top quality. The only complaint I might have is that there is no escape from the criPODS at this restaurant/pub. We were surrounded by them at every table, and some were quite noisy with crying and screaming. If you can ignore that, then by all means you should be ok. The waiter was super knowledgeable about their beers and provided the extra samples so we could try every beer they had available.

They unfortunately were out of a few of their seasonal beers, but overall the 10 beers we sampled were quite good. Nothing super exceptional, but nothing bad, sort of middle of the road to a bit better. Some might call them ‘sessionable’ as they tended to be lower ABV and matching the style they were going for pretty closely. You can see the range of beers in the picture below, the review goes from bottom to top, with the three extra tasters listed last. The top winners for us were the Red Lantern IPA and Tsunami Stout.

Pelican Pub & Brewery
33180 Cape Kiwanda Drive
Pacific City, OR 97135
Ph: 503-965-7007

Kiwanda Cream Ale
Pelican Brewing Co. • Pre-Prohibition Cream Ale • IBU: 25 • ABV: 5.4% • 8 SRM
Malts: Two-Row, CaraPils, Flaked barley
Hops: Mt. Hood
The signature beer from Pelican has a nice solid yellow hue, bright white foamy head that lingers, and a yeasty/hoppy nose. The front mouth has a subtle grassy hop note, full body with malts and the barley working nicely with the slight sharp/crisp finish.
Ankle-Buster Ale
Pelican Brewing Co. • Belgian Pale Ale • IBU: 35 • ABV: 5.1% • 6 SRM
Poured with a solid white head leaving a nice lacing on the glass rim, the yellow color is slightly cloudy on draft. The nose is a little bit yeasty, a little bit floral, and a little bit bitter grassy note. The toasted malt and broad hop profiles are balanced with the farmhouse funk of the yeast to make this a mid-range Belgian Pale with a refreshing and lingering floral and fruity after taste.
Silver Spot
Pelican Brewing Co. • English India Pale Ale (IPA) • IBU: 55 • ABV: 6% • 16 SRM
Malts: Pale ale, Melanoidin
Hops: Meridian, Fuggle, Sterling
Mid-amber hue on this beautiful IPA, the head does drop a little bit after the first sip, but leaves nice lacing/spots on the glass. The nose on this IPA is fruit/orange peel, slightly sweet, pine bitters, and delicate hop florals. The front and mid mouth are a bit sharp with the floral and fruit hoppy notes, grassy astringent that lasts from front to back with support from the toasted malt profile that lends to the full mouth feel (bready?).
Imperial Pelican Ale
Pelican Brewing Co. • American Double / Imperial IPA • IBU: 85 • ABV: 8% • 14 SRM
Malts: Pale ale, Caramel
Hops: Cascade, Magnum, Centennial
Solid big white foamy head, light yellow/amber coloring and the nose provides citrus (grapefruit), tea/earthy/mineral bitters, and toasted grains. The front and mid mouth have subtle hop resin and citrus notes with a mid-body built off of the slightly sweet malt profile.
Dorymans Dark Ale
Pelican Brewing Co. • American Brown Ale • IBU: 42 • ABV: 6.2% • 30+ SRM
Malts: Pale Ale, White Wheat, Caramel, Chocolate
Hops: Magnum, Cascade, Mt. Hood
Slightly copper/brown/red hue and large bubbly tan head that drops quickly. The nose is really subtle with sweet and toasted grains with cocao (bitter) lingering. The front mouth is slightly sweet and bitter from the roasted malts, but surprisingly smooth and balanced with the hop profile. There is a slight dry bitter (roasted) flavor on the back.
Tsunami Stout
Pelican Brewing Co. • Foreign / Export Stout • IBU: 45 • ABV: 7% • 40+ SRM
Malts: Pale Ale, Flaked barley, Chocolate, Black Patent, Roasted barley
Hops: Magnum, Willamette
This stout pours as a solid black and brown/tan head that did have a solid view, but dropped quickly with little lacing. The nose expresses burned malts, almost burned bread or charcoal and dried fruits and cocao. The front and mid mouth have a solid toasted profile, bitters from cocoa and coffee like acids. The dried fruit profile that starts in the mid and goes to the back ranges from orange peel, raisin, to black cherries. This is a complex stout that changes slightly with each sip.
Umbrella IPA
Pelican Brewing Co. • IPA • IBU: 60 • ABV: 7.4% • 6 SRM
Note: Dry Hopped with Ella (Australian) hops
Mid-yellow hue and white foamy head that leaves small bubbly lacing on the glass provide a great foundation for this unique IPA. The nose is somewhat fruity and vegital at the same time. While the mouth feel is a bit thin, the hop profile is really unique as a single, dry-hopped beer which pulls in the fruit/berries but with a slight sharpness to them. The back mouth drops off quickly, leaving little after taste.
Meet the Flockers
Pelican Brewing Co. • American Pale Ale • IBU: 45 • ABV: 5.9% • 6 SRM
This unfiltered ale with a lighter yellow hue, it also has a soft white pillowy head that lingers on the rim. The nose has some slight citrus fruit and hop floral bitterness to it. The front mouth is lighter citrus/lemon bitter and the mid/after tastes are mellow and blend the grain build well to hold the body together.
Red Lantern IPA
Pelican Brewing Co. • American IPA • IBU: 63 • ABV: 6.5% • 28 SRM
Malt: Pale Ale, Caramel 77, Black Patent
Hops: El Dorado
Nice copper/amber hue, bright white bubbly head that lingers on the rim with a sweet (candy) and sharp hop (citrus/grassy) nose. The front mouth has slight sharp citrus/pine hop bitter notes with a nice blend of roasted malts/bread to hold it together. The mid and back mouth are solid and the effervescence/bubbly character allows the flavor profiles to express all the way to the back.
Pelican Brewing Co. • Pilsner • IBU: 45 • ABV: 5.1% • 4 SRM
Hops: Santiam
This is a bright yellow colored pils with a small, bubbly white head that does drop quickly. The nose has slight lemon grass, citrus, and herbal characters. The pils yeast and sharper grassy hop profile expresses itself with the front and mid mouth feel. There is a slight sweet citrus note in the mid/back and a dry bitterness on the back.